Fancy Alphabets / Fantasie-Schrifttypen / Alfabetos ornamentales / Alphabets ornementaux / Alfabeti decorati / Alfabetos ornamentais (+ CD-ROM)

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Beautifully turned letters came into being long before the invention of printing, and the exquisite letters used in old, hand-written books still serve as models for present-day ornamental type. Lavishly ornamented initials are relics from the times when such letters were intricately painted. Later, initials were carved in wood blocks, and, with the advent of more advanced typesetting, cast in lead or zinc. The use of fancy initials was the main way of enhancing texts and provided typographers with an opportunity to break the monotony of regular body text. Apart from being pleasing to the eye, initials provide a form of emphasis to focus attention to the beginning of a chapter or paragraph and make text easier to read. In addition, before abstract logos became popular, ornamental lettering would often beused as trademarks.
In Fancy Alphabets, hundreds of examples are given, from hand-drawn lettering dating from the Middle Ages to early 20th century styles. All these alphabets are recorded on the accompanying free CD-ROM,indexed by the page on which they appear in this book. Please note that they are saved as image files,and must be imported in the same way as pictures.
This book contains images for use as a graphic resource orsimply for inspiration. The illustrations are stored on the enclosed CD-ROM and can be importeddirectly into most design, image-manipulation, illustration, word-processing and e-mail programs.
The CD-ROM comes free of charge with this book and is not sold separately.All rights are reserved. However, the files contained on the CD-ROM may be used for private useas long as they are not disseminated, published, or sold in any way or form. For commercial and/orprofessional use, including any type of printed or digital publication, permission must be obtainedfrom the publishers (see details on page 2). The Pepin Press/Agile Rabbit Editions permission policyis reasonable, and any fees charged tend to be minimal.

Издание содержит текст на английском, немецком, французском, испанском, итальянском и португальском языках.

Формат: 15 см х 15 см.
Прилагаемый к изданию диск (CD-ROM) упакован в специальный целлофановый конверт и вложен внутрь книги.